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A little about us…

Dealing with health insurance sucks…

And after working in the healthcare industry for over 30 years…

There are a few things that always remain true when it comes to health insurance…

  • #1 – Finding the right plan and knowing what’s covered can be stressful and annoying
  • #2 – Premiums always seem to increase each year
  • #3 – Most people are paying too much for health insurance and don’t even realize it

Well, we got tired of watching insurance companies take advantage of people.

We’re committed to finding the best health insurance options for you based on your unique situation.

The plans we currently offer include $0 deductibles that provide first-dollar coverage for your health expenses.

We can find out what you qualify for in less than 10 minutes and in some cases we can save you 25% on your Obamacare plan premium.

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